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The monumental complex of Santa Croce is governed by the Opera di Santa Croce, a nonprofit body that has been in charge of the upkeep of the church and its artistic patrimony since the 14th Century. To manage this cultural attraction, annually visited by almost 800,000 people from around the world, the Opera does not receive any State funding, and it relies on donations by private individuals, foundations, or corporations that ensure that this heritage will be passed on to future generations

If you are interested to make a donation, please write to or call +39 (0)55 2466105. Donations of any amount are heartily welcome, and we will be glad to inform you about activities and events of the Opera di Santa Croce.

If you are involved in a company or institution, and you would like to become a partner of the Opera di Santa Croce for special projects or initiatives, please write to

Current projects in need of funding
The Opera di Santa Croce is currently running several fundraising projects, and they are all a great opportunity to become part of the history of Santa Croce:

Ongoing campaign for the restoration of the tomb of Michelangelo and the altarpiece of Buonarroti family. For more information:
Tombstones on the pavement.
Works of art in marble, hardstones and metal. Estimated cost per tomb €1,000– €3,000.
You are invited to provide funds for a superficial cleaning and maintenance of any monument located in the church, such as the monument of Galileo, the Statue of Liberty of Poetry, the tomb of Machiavelli, the monument to Dante, and many others. Costs for each projects vary between €5,000 and €20,000.
Altarpieces by Giorgio Vasari and other important artists of the time
Cycle of imposing oil paintings (1569– 1620), situated in the naves of the church. Estimated cost for each altarpiece: €90,000
Stained glass windows
Mainly Medieval windows located inside in the Church. Estimated cost € 95.000
Restoration of the Interior of the Pazzi Chapel by Brunelleschi: Renaissance architecture with reliefs by Luca della Robbia, Geri and Desiderio da Settignano. Estimated cost €450,000.
Recent Contribution
  • 2017 - Morgan Stanley: Elevation system for fragments of wall paintings by Orcagna, Santa Croce Refectory.
  • 2017 - TEM Event Marketing GmbH: GmbH. General restoration efforts in Santa Croce Monumental Complex
  • 2016 - Friends of Florence:Madonna and Child with Saints John the Evengelist and Mary Magdalene, by Giovanni della Robbia in the Pulci Berardi Chapel.
  • 2016 - Stefano Ricci: General restoration efforts in Santa Croce Monumental Complex
  • 2016 - Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio Firenze: Elevation system for the Last Supper by Giorgio Vasari, Santa Croce Refectory
  • 2015 - Stefano Ricci: General restoration efforts in Santa Croce Monumental Complex
  • 2014 - Morgan Stanley: Safety measures to preserve the cultural heritage of Santa Croce in case of the flooding of the river Arno
  • 2014 - Restoration of the Loggia of the Pazzi Chapel, funded on Kickstarter:thanks to more than 800 donors from around the world with additional funds provided by Opera di Santa Croce (LINK HERE TO THE DIGITAL BOOK OF DONORS)
  • 2013 - Inner Wheel Firenze Medicea: Saint Dominic by the workshop of Andrea della Robbia, in the Castellani Chapel.
  • 2012 - Advancing Women Artists Foundation: Monument of Louise Favreau by Félicie de Fauveau, in the upper porch facing the first cloister of Santa Croce.
  • 2012 - A International Inner Wheel Firenze Medicea: Monument of Louise Favreau, by Félicie de Fauveau, in the upper porch facing the first cloister of Santa Croce.
  • 2009 – Takaharu Miyashita – Kanazawa University:Saint Francis fresco by Giotto, and Assumption of the Virgin by Maestro di Figline, in the High Chapel
  • 2008 – Friends of Florence FoundationCrucifix by Maestro di Figline, in the High Chapel
  • 2004 - Kanazawa University: The Legend of the True Cross, wall paintings by Agnolo Gaddi in the High Chapel.
  • 2004 - The International Association of Lions Club: (distretto 108, La Toscana), (district 108, La Toscana). Monument to Earl Giovan Vincenzo degli Alberti by Emilio Santarelli, in the central nave of Santa Croce.
  • 2003 - Inner Wheel Firenze Medicea: Frieze with Angels Adoring Eucharist by the Della Robbia workshop, in the Cerchi Chapel – Musuem of Santa Croce.
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