Santa Croce in pink

8th and 11th March

Great female figures that are celebrated in Santa Croce.

Félicie De Fauveau, was the first female sculptor to live by her art; Florence Nightingale, inventor of the science of nursing; Luisa Stolberg, a woman of great diplomatic wisdom and the muse for Vittorio Alfieri. These are just some of the great female figures of Santa Croce that are unveiled along an unusual guided visit in which women of all ranks and occupations acquire a voice and standing and bear witness to some of the most engaging stories of artistic passion, spiritual and political commitment. Immortalized in frescoes, celebrated by imposing monuments or their presence marked by simple tombstones, they are characters lesser known than the other "Greats" who are in the Pantheon of Santa Croce, but they are capable of opening new perspectives on history through their biographical stories.

The visit will move away from their memories to broaden the outlook on local and international social history. It will also be an opportunity to get to know close up some areas of Santa Croce that are rarely open for the public to admire.


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