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Exploring Santa Croce for younger visitors

Draw my Name. The language of heraldry

Coats-of-arms are an aspect of our cultural heritage that has successfully weathered the passage of time. Topical examples of this include the crests that identify our institutions, for instance our own municipality whose symbols have defined the history and identity of Florence for almost a millennium.

The basilica of Santa Croce is especially rich in heraldry and in stories to discover through the language of heraldry with its colours, its animals, its fruits, its plants and its other elements arranged on the basis of very specific rules.

With our small guide entitled "Draw my Name. The language of heraldry", children can learn about some of the more important coats-of-arms in Santa Croce and can even create their very own coat-of-arms with the help of a teacher or a parent.

The game of heraldry