Restoration Works Archive

Paucity of documentation linked to the preservation status and to the restoration activity executed in the last century has developed during the last twenty years an increasing understanding of the documentary accounts on this kind of intervention. This section of the archive collects all the documents produced by the restorers who have worked for Santa Croce, especially during the last ten years.
The production of this kind of documentation is an investment that has a double purpose to certificate the preservation status of the work of art and the type of intervention it underwent, and to constitute the basis for possible future interventions. During the last years, restoration activity has given occasion to carry out other kinds of investigations and examinations on the restored works of art, that have enriched the documentary property and the knowledge of the painting techniques as well as the time spent to achieve the results.
These scientific outcomes are used also to give in-depth examinations and illustrate curiosities to the visitors.
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