Photo Library

The most ancient part of the collection is constituted of black and white prints mainly dating back to Brogi and Alinari photographic campaigns conducted between the end of 1800s and the first half of 1900s. The documentary value of many views of the church and cloisters and of many works of art is priceless due to their high quality. Among these examples: a picture portraying the church, still with the rough stone façade the Florentines used to see for centuries (not yet decorated with marble), the base of the old bell tower and some views of the Pazzi chapel and the cloister, are noteworthy.

Lately the Photo library has become richer thanks to new photographic campaigns aimed at specific projects – such as the ones supporting the activity of Restoration works or of the photogrammetric relieves of the complex – that brought to the acquisition of more than 3000 images, whose number is rising. Most of these photo shoots have converged and continue to converge in the great project of digitalization of documents of the Complex of Santa Croce (Documentazione Informatica del Complesso Monumentale di Santa Croce) and, by now, over 12.000 square meters of net surface for several thousand works of art, whose measurable and high quality images have been taken. High-profile products (metric images and technical drawings) and topographical orientation criteria defined during the restitution phase are arranged to be used in every research, planning and management activity connected with works of art and architectural works. Included in this category is also the photogrammetric relief of the pavement of the church, characterized by the presence of many tombstones that need to be constantly monitored for maintenance and restoration are the subject of particular studies aimed to their preservation.

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