Archives of the Opera of Santa Croce

The seven hundred years of existence of Santa Croce church and friary have left a historical and artistic heritage of great value that is also the evidence of the spiritual and civic testimony of the history of the Monumental Complex. A part of this property are the archives of the Opera of Santa Croce that house the documents produced and collected by this secular institution in charge of the managing and preservation of the Franciscan complex since the half of the fourteenth century.

Admission procedures
Consultation is possible upon appointment granted by the authorized personnel.
Requests have to be sent to:
Archivio dell'Opera di Santa Croce
Piazza Santa Croce n.16 - 50122 Firenze,
tel. +39 (0)55 2466105

Please specify the subject and the outcomes of the research.

The Archive’s entrance is at Piazza Santa Croce, 16. Please show a valid photo ID and the authorization received, to the personnel in service at the desk located in the first cloister of the Complex. The Archive is situated on the 1st floor of the Friary.

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