The bell tower

Campanile vecchio The small bell tower originally built above the apse of the Church fell down in 1512 and Francesco da Sangallo was asked to design another one to be placed on the left side of the façade.

The works began but soon were interrupted due to the lack of funds so that only the base of the new bell tower was completed, visible until the 1800s. The Florentines called it “Santa Croce stone”.

Il campanile oggi A new plan to complete the piece of architecture was presented in 1842 by the architect Gaetano Baccani: the project was approved and the bell tower, this time built next to the sacristy, was finished in 1847.

The material used was the typical Florentine limestone masonry having a yellowish warm colour, already used to build other parts of the church. The structure appeared lighter thanks to the presence of single-lancet windows, frames and a cusp lantern.

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