The sacristy and the Rinuccini chapel

The big square room covered with a painted wooden ceiling was built in about 1340, under the commission of the Peruzzi family.
The south wall was frescoed by Taddeo Gaddi.
The painting, started in 1333, was finished about 60 years later by Niccolò di Pietro Gerini and Spinello Aretino.
In the middle of the room and along the perimeter there are inlaid counters and cabinets which used to stove liturgical furnishings and sacred relics.

Inside the sacristy there is a chapel under the patronage of the Rinuccini family since 1371, as testified by the inscription of the date and their name on the iron gate.
The chapel dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin and to Mary Magdalen, was adorned with a cycle of paintings by Giovanni da Milano and Matteo Pacino.

The Novitiate’s area and the Medici chapel

Cappella Medici A corridor connects the right side of the transept of the church with the area which was once reserved to the novices. The building of this part of the complex was financed by Cosimo the Elder. The works were made by Michelozzo, the favorite architect of the Medici family.

A private chapel was dedicated to Medici’s patron saints Cosma and Damiano, probably chosen because of the coincidence of the surname of the family with their occupation (they were doctors, medici in Italian). Damiano had died when he was a child so his name was refused by the following generations being considered a bad omen, while Cosma (or Cosimo) was inherited by the dynasty.

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