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► Why do I have to pay to look around the church?
People who want to worship are not charged and by asking to the personnel of Santa Croce have the possibility to enter the area for prayer any time when the church is open.
Visitors and tourists are asked to buy a ticket as we rely almost entirely on them to meet the costs of running of the monumental complex and maintaining the historic building.
In the past restoration works and interventions to preserve and enrich the patrimony were paid by the Franciscan friars, the community, the wealthy Florentine families and private citizens. Today public and private donations are of primary importance but no more sufficient to cover all the expenses.
Therefore the entrance fee is considered a contribution offered to support the upkeep of Santa Croce and each visitor becomes a patron of the arts.
► How long does it take to visit the Complex of Santa Croce?
It depends on the needs of visitors, however we suggest at least one hour.
► Is it possible to take pictures?
Pictures are allowed but visitors and tourists are asked to turn off flashlight on their cameras and to avoid the use of tripod.
Whoever is interested on professional photo shoots is invited to ask an authorization, writing to
► Where is the Leather school?
The entrance of Leather school is located in Via San Giuseppe, 5r, the street you find getting past the north side entrance of Santa Croce.
► Is there an Information office nearby?
The closest Information office is in front of Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral.
Look for Infopoint Bigallo, piazza S.Giovanni 1 (telephone/fax +39 (0)55 288496, e-mail:
The opening times are the following:
Monday - Saturday 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sundays and holidays 9:00 am - 2:00 pm.
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