Disabled visitors

Wheelchair users and visitors with physical disabilities like walking impairments will find two ramps: one is located next to the northern side of the building and the entrance to the church (Largo Bargellini), the other one is in front of the exit of the Monumental Complex (Santa Croce square).

Nearly all sections of Santa Croce are accessible to disabled visitors:

  • the aisles of the Church are easily accessible but the transept, the sacristy and the Novices chapel are separated from the rest of the church by steps therefore it is not possible to access these areas using wheelchairs.

  • to reach the first cloister it is necessary go out from the Church using the entrance door, go through again the first ramp located next to the porch, turn around the building passing in front of the façade and go into again using the exit door where there is the second ramp. From here it is possible to reach and visit the Parigi museum, the Pazzi chapel, the Museum of the Opera di Santa Croce and the second cloister. In front of the entrance and exit of the gallery of nineteenth century funeral monuments, located under the upper porch facing the first cloister, there are instead steps and no ramps to accede.

Note well: one wheelchair is available free of charge inside the church; to get it, please ask to the personnel of Santa Croce the day of the visit and present a valid identity document.

Visitors with physical disabilities have priority and can enter without queuing. Free admission is granted to disabled visitors upon exhibition of a document testifying disability and their assistant.

Toilets with facilities for people in wheelchairs are situated behind the desk located in the first cloister, in front of the Exit. To use it, please ask to the personnel of Santa Croce.

For further information, please write an e-mail to info@santacroceopera.it

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