Santa Croce Firenze - Cristo di Cimabue


Opera di Santa Croce has the Institutional task of keeping the works of art here preserved in good conditions and increasing the value of the artistic, historic, religious patrimony of the Monumental Complex.

- It pursues continuous monitoring of the microclimate in order to verify its suitability for preserving the works of art;

- it carries on a prevention policy to detect all those elements that could speed-up of the decay of the works;

- it deals with the conservative restoration planning proper procedures, which follows the report about every single work examined;

- it works toward the divulging of the completed tasks and the goals reached, the publication of the studies that come into view during the different stages of an intervention to make the public aware of the importance of techniques and procedures and to intervene in time when necessary, the targets to achieve in order to see the highest participation of other organizations.

The funds to finance above listed activities derive from the ticket sales and public and private donations.

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