Opera di Santa Croce

Opera di Santa Croce is a private no-profit laical Institution in charge of the administration of the Monumental Complex owned by FEC, an organization of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Founded in the fourteenth century, it was recognized as a corporation in 1998.

As a Fabbriceria the Opera follows the laws that govern the relations between Italian State and Catholic Church.
It is administered by a collegiate body composed of seven counselors elected once every three years with a decree issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
The Opera is ruled by the articles of the association and entrusted with the primary task of managing, preserving, increasing the value of the structure and of the works of art here preserved.

Together with other Institutions, Opera promotes initiatives aimed:

  • to deepen and develop the research of historical, artistic, spiritual aspects regarding Santa Croce, considering its connection with the district named after the church and the town of Florence;
  • to renovate the historical and artistic heritage, the Archive patrimony preserved and enhance their value through specific projects involving the creation of computer databases and digital formats, the printing of editorial products, the consultation of the works;
  • to organize events and exhibits, to give lectures, to arrange courses
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