Five reflection cues offered by
Padre Antonio Di Marcantonio

You can here download and read the five written contributions by Padre Antonio Di Marcantonio on which the chronology of the Franciscans in Santa Croce was based.
These five reflection cues retrace the history of the Franciscans in Florence from the XIII century until today, through the story of the lives of people who influenced Florentine religious and laical life so strongly to make Santa Croce basilica a place worldwide renowned.
  • The history of Franciscans in Santa Croce: the complicated history of the settlement of the Franciscans in Florence from the arrival of the first followers of Saint Francis in 1209 until today.
  • The foundation of the Church by the Franciscans: it talks about the building of the basilica whose project was given to Arnolfo di Cambio. The first stone was put into place in 1294, the works went on for over a century, financed by the Municipality and by the wealthy Florentine families.
  • The Franciscan Community in Santa Croce: memories of the main episodes regarding the presence of the Franciscans in Florence. Meantime the Church was built the friary was erased: this place welcomed many important individuals such as three future popes who here lived and taught, theologians, philosophers, scholars and so on.
  • The Franciscans, the economy and politics in town: emphasis is put on the new idea of the Christian message and of the evangelic teaching proposed by the Franciscans. Although the spiritual and religious dimension was their main interest, the Franciscans left meaningful traces in secular history, having some of them been councilors, ambassadors, confessors of princes and powerful people.
  • The theological and philosophical studies: there is a quotation of the most important scholars who taught in the schools of Santa Croce and the detailed story of the rich collection of books originally preserved inside the friary. There is a part dedicated to the creation in 1945 of the Studio Teologico per Laici, still today lively cultural centre which organizes conventions and lectures.
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