In Tuscany with Dante

The events, characters, and works of art that Santa Croce has inspired and welcomed over seven centuries of history, are the material and immaterial elements that have shaped this place into becoming the guardian of the Italian spiritual and civic collective memory, a treasure chest of priceless art and a pantheon dedicated to famous people. Dante, Saint Francis, Giotto, Brunelleschi, Machiavelli, Michelangelo, Galileo, to name just a few, in a temporal continuum intertwining universal religious and secular values.

The Greats of Santa Croce

"The Greats of Santa Croce" is a project to rediscover the past in order to live in the present, a heritage that belongs to us all, offering Santa Croce back to the territory to which it belongs through the Greats who are celebrated within, who have changed the course of history through their actions and ideas. This project starts with Dante, on the seventh anniversary of his death, and it is precisely the monument to his memory in Santa Croce that will act as a gateway towards itineraries planned to rediscover his character, his works and his places.

In Tuscany with Dante app

To mark the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri's death, this new app developed in 2021 by the Opera di Santa Croce with a generous contribution from the Regione Toscana introduces you to Italy's greatest poet through the words of his Divine Comedy, with Dante himself guiding you to some of the places where he lived and worked, allowing you to discover medieval Florence and the timeless beauty of the Tuscan countryside with its villages and castles.

You will enjoy timeless views, sounds, stories and flavours: this is where Dante found inspiration for his immortal verses. This app is the first of a series of itineraries "the Greats of Santa Croce" through which you can discover famous people who through their ideas and actions have changed the course of history and our lives and whose memory is preserved in the monumental complex of Santa Croce.

In the app you can discover the routes that wind through the city of Florence, following the plaques or monuments dedicated to Dante dotted around town, or make your way out of the city walls to discover the Casentino, Mugello and Lunigiana areas, three places deeply linked to the political and artistic story of Dante. Villages, castles, chapels and evocative landscapes where the verses that Dante dedicated to these territories and to their inhabitants who determined their history, still echoes through their hillsides. 

This is the first app in a series of itineraries entitled "The Great Men and Women of Santa Croce", designed to allow you to discover the illustrious figures whose ideas and actions changed the course of history and of our own lives, and whose memory lives on in Santa Croce.

"In Tuscany with Dante" is free of charge. You can download it directly onto your smartphone or tablet from Apple Store and Google Play.