Mozart Requiem in the basilica

On Monday, December 5th at 9pm in the Basilica di Santa Croce the Florentine Chamber Orchestra and the choir Harmonia Cantata will perform a tribute to Mozart, on the anniversary of his death.

The famous "Requiem Mass" by Mozart, an unfinished work that represents the confrontation of mankind with one of his greatest anxieties, death, and that marks the meeting point between a religious musical tradition, melodramatic theatrical sense and classically inspired piece. 

This concert will renew an appointment that has engaged hundreds of spectators over the years. The conductor is Raffaele Puccianti, with the Tuscan soprano Patrizia Centi, the contralto Patrizio Scivoletto, and the Russian tenor Vladimir Reutov with the bass Diego Colli.

The concert, in which some historical instruments will be used, is part of the sixth edition of the Festival of concerts of Tuscan violin making.

Admission is free subject to availability of seats.