The Siege Match

Calcio Storico in piazza Santa Croce

On Saturday 17 February 2024 the re-enactment of the historic Siege Game returns, the same one played by the Florentines on 17 February 1530 while the Carlo V’s troops were besieging Florence.

Before the match, the basilica will welcome a delegation made up of players and participants from the Historical Florentine Football, accompanied by the Banner of Florence. The delegation will receive a blessing from the Father Rector of the Basilica of Santa Croce and then will move back to the square to watch the performance of the flag-wavers of the Historical Parade and finally play the match at 3.30 pm.

The entrance is free but it will be possible to make a free donation for  the people recently affected by the flood in San Donnino.

During the event the monumental complex will remain open for visits as usual.

Foto: Mauro Pomposi