"Dante, the Eternal Poet": Exhibition Extended!

Over 100,000 people have visited the Pazzi Chapel exhibition so far.

“Dante, the Eternal Poet”, a cultural project devised by Felice Limosani for Santa Croce to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Dante’s death, is now to run until 13 February.

Since the exhibition opened on 13 September over 100,000 visitors have chosen to immerse themselves in the Divine Comedy conceived by Felice Limosani as a poetic, sensory metaverse providing visitors with an unprecedented perceptive dimension. Given the enormous interest shown by the public, the Opera di Santa Croce and the basilica’s Franciscan community, the Municipality of Florence, the Interior Ministry’s Religious Buildings Fund and the artist Felice Limosani have decided to extend the exhibition beyond its originally planned closing date of 10 January in order to offer a broader audience the chance to be entranced by this unique experience.

Dante, the Eternal Poet is a team project backed by prestigious and sensitive organisations committed to supporting cultural innovation. TIM in the role of excellence partner and the ENI, Intesa San Paolo and Poste Italiane as its main partners are the backers behind this event in which Santa Croce is once again a workshop for artistic experimentation in its drive to familiarise people with the great figures of the past. The exhibition has also benefited from a contribution from the Fondazione CR Firenze, the support of the Tuscan Regional Authority and the Florence Chamber of Commerce and the collaboration of K-Array and Nana Bianca.