Santa Croce and the Casa Buonarroti

A new partnership in the Santa Croce and its Neighbourhood scheme.

Opera di Santa Croce is launching a scheme entitled Santa Croce and its Neighbourhood with the aim of extending the range of themed tours in which Santa Croce is both the starting point and a crucial staging post in an urban and regional network of cultural and tourist itineraries.

The first partnership to be implemented, as a tribute to Michelangelo Buonarroti, brings together the Opera di Santa Croce and the Fondazione Casa Buonarroti, allowing visitors to Santa Croce to purchase a special ticket to the Casa Buonarroti so that they can explore the two unique venues in greater depth in an encounter with Michelangelo, his outstanding genius, his superb art and the intense life he lived.

There is, of course, a deep bond between Santa Croce and the Casa Buonarroti. On the one hand, Michelangelo’s tomb in the basilica is one of the sites most frequented by, and beloved of, visitors from all over the world. Giorgio Vasari’s imposing and elegant design is part of a scheme that includes the Buonarroti family altar with wall paintings and marble sculptures portraying Michelangelo alongside personifications of sculpture, architecture and painting, the three disciplines in which he excelled. On the other hand, the 17th century home of the Buonarroti family, situated only a few hundred yards from the basilica, offers visitors one of the most unique experiences in the panorama of Florentine museums. Celebrating Michelangelo’s genius, it combines a sumptuous Baroque residence with a display of the family’s rich art collections.