Saturday 2nd October – The Third Day of Fraternity

At 4pm Cardinal Betori and a lectio magistralis held by Massimo Cacciari. This will be followed at 9 pm by the theatrical and music performance Dante meets Francesco with the Ensemble San Felice and the Opera Network.

Dante's prophetic power, always extraordinarily current and provocative, will be the theme of the third Day of Fraternity held in Santa Croce on Saturday, October 2nd.

Following the first edition dedicated to the dialogue between the great religions and the second, centered around economy and fraternity, in this celebratory year of Dante’s anniversary we will concentrate on the prophetic dynamism of the Supreme Poet, the protagonist of history and spirituality over the centuries.

The appointment is at 4pm in the Santa Croce cenacle. Greetings will be offered from the vice-chairman of the Opera, Aureliano Benedetti, the councilor Alessandro Martini, and the Rector of the basilica, Father Paolo Bocci, followed by interventions by Cardinal Giuseppe Betori and Giulio Conticelli, councilor of the Opera. For the occasion, the philosopher Massimo Cacciari will also return to Florence and will hold a lectio magistralis dedicated to Dante's prophecies.

The day will end with a music and theatrical show, Dante meets Francesco, an evocative production that the Ensemble San Felice together with the Opera Network Firenze will present at 9pm in the basilica. The project was created from an idea of Carla Zanin, the music and the direction are by Federico Bardazzi, whilst the text is recited by Cristina Borgogni who is also the author and by Paolo Lorimer.

The initiative is promoted by the Opera di Santa Croce, the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore, the Community of Conventual Franciscans and the Certosa di Firenze - San Leolino Community.

How to take part

Admission is free subject to availability; since capacity is limited, we recommend booking on the online Santa Croce web site.